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Have you thought about  writing your personal biography but finding it difficult  getting started?


Have you reflected on how nice it would be to capture and preserve your parents or grandparents life stories for you, your children and your grandchildren?


Captured Memories Workbooks: Looking Back &  Anniversary Editions are beautifully designed spiral bound do-it-yourself memoir workbooks that assist individuals or couples with creating their personal biography or an anniversary keepsake at their own pace.   Each  workbook simplifies the process of capturing memories by providing a guided approach.   Workbooks contain over 150 easy to answer questions that were developed to help individuals and couples recollect their memories; following each question space is provided for users to fill in their answers.  Workbooks are broken into multiple sections that cover many aspects of our life journey:  Early Years, Adulthood, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Beliefs, Opinions and More....  additional pages are also provided to allow the writer to include additional comments or memories in their workbook.  Completed workbooks make a wonderful keepsake!



                                                    Captured Memories Workbook: Looking Back Edition
                                                      ISBN:  9780988547025 216 pages • 6” x 9“  / Retail: $14.95


                                                    This workbook is great for seniors or anyone that would like to start capturing and preserving their

                                                    memories.  It contains over 200 easy to answer questions that will help individuals recollect their

                                                    memories; following each question space is provided for users to fill in their answers. Workbooks are

                                                    216 pages and broken into fifteen sections that cover Early Years, Adulthood, Marriage,  Beliefs,

                                                    Opinions and More....

                                                    Captured Memories Workbook: Anniversary Edition

                                                                       ISBN:  9780988547032 144 pages • 6” x 9“  / Retail: $14.95


                                                    This workbook is ideal for newlyweds or any couple celebrating a wedding anniversary; regardless of the

                                                    number of years married.  The Anniversary Edition contains a “His” and “Her” section that contains over

                                                    100 easy to answer questions that help couples recollect and preserve their memories; following each

                                                    question space is provided for the couple to fill in their answers. Workbooks are 144 pages and cover

                                                    Dating, Marriage, Parenting (if   applicable) and More...    Make a great wedding or Anniversary Gift!

Optional - At anytime Captured Memories Workbook Customers can mail their completed workbook along with a selection of photos and documents to Memories In Writing (MIW) and have their memories preserved in a beautiful hardbound book.  MIW transcribes and edits workbook responses to create a comprehensive story with the writer as the narrator sharing his and/or her memories with the readers.   Finished books are 8.5” x 11”, hardbound, printed in full color, contain photos, in-depth stories and personal accounts of an individual, couple or family; something picture memory books and scrapbooks don’t do. Instructions for submission and order information is contained in each workbook.

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What Makes The Captured Memories Workbook Unique?

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